Apple Spring Update 2021

Apple Spring Update 2021

Apple Spring Update 2021

There is a lot of excitement following the event that Apple hosted this past Tuesday! With exciting announcements for the Apple Credit Card, Apple Podcast, iPhone12, and an advanced design on the iPad Pro, and Apple TV, and a completely brand new product AirTags, there is a lot of new information coming from Apple! In this blog post, we hope to cover some of the latest product information. We are also excited to announce LAUT’s newest products that we will be launching as companions to some of these recently created or upgraded devices! 


IOS 14 brought us some innovative features in the Find My feature allowing phones and other devices to be located through bluetooth, and they are expanding on those capabilities with the Apple AirTag. This device is shaped as a small circle that connects through bluetooth and will be customizable with text and emojis. The AirTag will help you find those things most important to you. (e.g. your keys, wallet, or whatever else you want to connect it to!) Apple also announced Precision Finding for their Find My App, making finding lost devices even easier by including direction and distance towards the lost object. You can order an AirTag starting April 30th 2020.

With this release, LAUT is bringing you our HUEX TAG for Apple AirTag, a durable silicone carrier for your Apple AirTag! Built to perfectly fit your AirTag and add some color and flair just for you. You can read more about it in the link below.

Huex Tag for Apple AirTag

HUEX TAG for Apple Air Tag

New iPad Pro 2021:

Apple dropped a few exciting features for the new iPad pro! There are no design differences to the body of the iPad Pro with the new iPad model, meaning all of our previous iPad Pro cases will fit the newest device in this series. However, there are some fun developments to the hardware. Not the least of which is the addition of the integration of the M1 chip, which means that the iPad can include a 75X faster CPU experience. They have also added a Liquid Retina XDR display to the 12.9 inch model. Apple also dropped some amazing camera improvements including CenterStage which senses where you are to keep you in the center of your video at all times. 


Here is a sneak peak at our product that will be released in the near future, the SHIELD ENDURO.

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We are also bringing you a new addition to our our PRESTIGE line with a PRESTIGE case for iPad Pro 2020! You can read more out this product in the links below. 

PRESTIGE FOLIO for iPad Pro 2021

PRESTIGE FOLIO for iPad Pro 2021

New iMac

The innovations made based on the M1 chip have created major waves, and Apple is riding one of those waves with the creation of the new iMac! Built around the possibilities from the M1 chip, the new iMac is more personal and powerful than its predecessors. Slim, lightweight, and colorful, this new design brings out the best of what Apple has to offer. With an amazing 4.5K retina display, improvements in the camera, microphone, and speaker system, this computer has been optimized for video calls, movie watching, and just about any other usage situation that you can think of. Not to mention, the new keyboard that enables touch-ID for unlocking and using Apple Pay. Pre-orders start April 30th. 


New Apple TV:

With the announcement of a new season of Ted Lasso, Apple also gave us some big news regarding updates that we will see with the next generation of Apple TV 4K with A12 Bionic processor. This not only upgrades what you’re able to watch, but also how you watch it! With more realistic color and greater detail, the 4K Apple TV also brings you colour correction using integration with iPhone 12's software to give you the best viewing experience possible. It also includes HGR and higher frame rate which makes a smoother display. This isn’t only applied to movies and tv shows, these improvements will also be possible for casting from different devices, giving you everything you’ve ever wanted from a TV. Read more here.

Apple Credit Card:

Apple also included some announcements for the Apple Credit Card such as family sharing which allows for things like sharing and building credit together when up to 5 people are using the same card. This allows you to help your younger kids sign up with you to start building credit starting at age 18. Read more here.


iPhone 12:

In the broadcast, Apple announced a new colour release for the iPhone 12; an all new and stunning purple! This new color is available in the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini. Read more here.


Apple Podcasts:

Apple announced some changes for their Apple Podcasts App. They are going to release a new app that will help improve the way that users listen to podcasts, including channels so that you can find podcasts from your favorite creators easier than ever. Read more here.