LAUT Charity Spotlight: Rainier Scholars

LAUT Charity Spotlight: Rainier Scholars

Here at LAUT, we know the importance of giving to help those around us. Each month, our team gets together and chooses an organization that is making a difference to their communities. This month, we are proud to present to you our charity for the month: Rainier Scholars.


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Rainier Scholars is a 12-year program that helps set a pathway to college graduation for low income students of color within the Seattle, Washington area. The program allows for these students to gain access to educational opportunities that can help transform their lives. The students take part in Rainier Scholars proven 12-year model that combines academic preparation, leadership development and much needed support to help guide them to obtain a four year degree, and then towards becoming career professionals and leaders within their communities.


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Over the years, Rainier Scholars has helped reshape the lives of over 700 students and their families in Seattle, Washington. They are truly helping to make a difference by starting with our future, the children. 


If you would like to learn more about Rainier Scholars or how you can donate to make a difference, please visit the link below.