Apple Event September 2022 Recap

Apple Event September 2022 Recap
Apple Event September 2022

Apple continuous innovation always leave us speechless! We were excited to hear about the new product releases and technological advancements. In this blog post we want to recap the new products that they have announced and explain why the technology they've included is so exciting!

iPhone 14 series

The most exciting announcement was that of the iPhone 14. With four options available in the iPhone 14 series, (iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max). The Plus and Pro Max versions feature a 6.7 inch display allowing you to have more room to view messages, videos, and all kinds of content. 

The new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max released an amazing new feature called the dynamic island. This island is the new notifications area which allows you to view notifications, ongoing background activities and other important information while not interrupting your current iPhone tasks. Each alert has its own personality and design to make it easier to identify. The dynamic island also shows you background activity like playing music, and is completely interactive. Animations are fluid and adapt in real time. Always visible without being intrusive.

The iPhone 14 Pro Camera has also inproved significantly. An all new 48Mp camera with quad pixel sensor is featured in this new version. It has a 65% larger sensor than iPhone13 Pro.The Quad pixel sensor enables flexible pictures light capture. Combined with the photonics engine it has up to 2x low lighting improvement. Stunning photos across all light conditions. 2X telephoto lens. Delivering incredible photos and videos.

Powered by A16 chip the iPhone 14 pro series focuses on 3 important areas. Power efficiency, display and camera. It is the fastest chip ever in a smartphone. allowing it to be 14% faster than the competition while only using one third the power of the competition. Photos and videos are going to look even better on this new iPhone as its screen can reach 2000 nits brightness, 2x the brightness of the iPhone 13. 

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Apple Watch

With 3 new apple watch announcements including a redesign for the Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch series 8, and the all new Apple Watch Ultra. 

The Apple Watch SE 

This affordable apple watch is now available in 3 colors, Silver, midnight and starlight. It also features a redesigned back case. New production process that is  reduces its carbon footprint over 80%

All of the core benefits of Apple Watch are present in the new Apple Watch SE. Workout tracking, swim proof, high and low heart rate tracking, fall detection, and emergency sos all work perfectly. It even supports the all new crash detection. The new SE display is 30% larger, and runs S8 system making it 20% faster. It also works with Family setup so you can pair kids' watches to your phone if they don’t have one.

The Apple Apple Watch Series 8

This new series of Apple Watch features the most advanced sensor and technology. The new screen display pushes the screen right to the end with its new slim boarders. Apple Watch series 8 is contains many of the same wonderful features we love about Apple Watch such as swim proof, dust proof and crack resistant casing. It also helps you to stay active and fit. and now features a new technology. temperature sensor. With a 2 temperature sensors design, it has incredible accuracy by removing bias from outside temperatures. This feature becomes more important for women’s health. menstrual cycle tracking started 3 years ago for Apple Watch and with the new temperature sensor the suite of advanced cycle tracking features gets even more encompassing as it now includes tracking ovulation. It samples your temperature overnight to help keep track of your temperature which can allow it to notify you of cycle deviations to help identify various health problems. 

It also features a brand new feature that is important for everyone, crash detection. Crash detection can detect if you are in a severe car crash based on hundreds of hours of machine learning. This new feature can connect you with emergency services and share your location. G force accelerometer. Samples motion 4x faster than previously at 3,000 times a second.

The Apple Watch series 8 will have 18 hour battery life with the ability to stretch up to 36 hours with its low power mode.

The new Apple watch series will be available in 7 colors: Midnight, starlight, silver, product red, Silver, gold, and graphite.

The Apple Watch Ultra

One very exciting announcement was that of an all new Apple Watch that is focused on those who live life to the extreme and seek to tackle the longest race, explore the backcountry and dive the deepest oceans. 

The Apple Watch Ultra features a completely new design and expands the way you use Apple watch. Made out of Aerospace grade titanium and a flat sapphire front crystal. It has the biggest and brightest display ever, making it easier to read even in the harvest sunlight. 

It also features an all new orange action button. This new button allows quick physical control for a large range of functions. Side button stands out the case to make it easier to use with gloves. 

They also Added a second speaker and three microphones so that you can take clear calls even in windy conditions. Cellular is built into every watch ultra.

It also features the Biggest battery in an Apple Watch giving you 36 hours of battery life on a single charge. You can even get 60 hours using new battery optimization. 

Its GPS performance has all new precision featuring most accurate GPS in any Apple Device. New metrics, views and experience to workout tracking. Easily complete a marathon with battery to spare. 

Some new fun features are Backtrack, a feature that automatically turns on in the background if you leave a trail and allows you easily retrace your steps, A 86 decibel siren that can been heard up to 180 meters away in case of emergency, and a new oceanic app that allows your Apple Watch Ultra to become a fully functional dive computer.  

New AirPods Pro

Apple also released all new AirPods Pro. AirPods are essential for so many people and the AirPods Pro has been one of the most popular models of AirPods because of their cinematic experience and noise canceling abilities.
The new version of AirPods is the most advanced AirPods yet. Built with the brand new H2 chip, which allows the AirPods Pro to have high bandwidth connectivity and brand new sound quality. They also feature new low distortion audio driver and custom amplifier. One of the coolest experiences available with these new AirPods customizable spatial audio. This allows you to customize the sound based on the shape of your ear and head to make the sound feel like you are on stage with your favorite band performing around you. 
The also feature active noise cancelation. It reduces unwanted noise to better hear what you're listening to. Improved technology and ergonomic placing has made noise cancelling even better in these new AirPods, and they released a new extra small ear tip. You can also turn on transparency mode to hear what's around you and Adaptive transparency  mode dynamically reduces loud and harsh noises in your environment with sensors running 48,000 times per second to react instantly to loud noises.
They also feature an all new Sensor that you can now control sound by swiping up and down long the sides of your AirPods.
They also have a longer battery life with up to 6 hours on a single charge and up to 30 hours of listening time in a fully charged charging case.
Find my abilities have also been improved in the new AirPods Pro. They can help you locate the individual AirPods each headphone can play a sound and the charging case also has a small speaker and works seamlessly with the Find My app.
Charing has also become easier in this new version with the ability to use wired charing, an Apple Watch Charger or any other QI compatible wireless charging station.