LAUT Charity Spotlight: Together for India and the Global India Fund

LAUT Charity Spotlight: Together for India and the Global India Fund
The past year has been defined by the coronavirus pandemic, with people all around the world impacted in some way by Covid-19. With the widespread rollout of the vaccines earlier in 2021, it seems we were at a turning point regarding the virus. Unfortunately, for India, a major vaccine supplier for the world, the pandemic has become dire. With harrowing statistics such as 1 person dying every 5 minutes, words cannot adequately convey the struggle India’s people are suffering through while battling a second wave of coronavirus.

This month, LAUT chose to contribute towards the Global India Fund’s Together for India Project to aid in reducing the crisis people in India are experiencing. Their goal is to alleviate the devastation caused by this most recent surge in the pandemic through ensuring equitable vaccinations to people in India.
Vaccination is the only public health solution for combating the Covid-19 crisis in India. Currently, about 9% of India’s population has received 1 vaccine, while less than 2% of the population in India has received two doses of the vaccine. For every $12 dollars donated, Together for India can provide one person with vaccines, a mask, and nutrition package. They work to acquire vaccines, increase vaccine awareness, decrease vaccine hesitancy, and build as well as support vaccine distribution capabilities to marginalized groups.

Together for India is a collaborative effort between the US based Global India Fund and Collective Good Foundation based in India. To learn more about the Global India Fund or make a contribution, visit their website: