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Apple AirTag has been a blessing to the cycling community as an accessible and versatile GPS tracker. However, one issue with getting full usage out of Apple AirTag for your bike is determining how and where to attach your new Apple AirTag.

LAUT’s BIKE TAG series currently contains two solutions for discreetly and securely attaching your new Apple AirTag to your bike. Our first solution, Saddle Mount, allows you to attach your AirTag under the saddle of your bicycle. The second solution, Bottle Mount, attaches between your bike’s frame and bottle holder and appears to be a part of your bottle holder. Choose the solution that works best for you — or, double your tracking capabilities by using both!

Read below to learn how to attach both AirTag holders to your bicycle.

Installing Apple AirTag To Your Bike’s Saddle With LAUT BIKE TAG SADDLE MOUNT

SADDLE MOUNT is designed to attach to the rails on the underside of your bike’s saddle. Follow the instructions below to attach your AirTag securely to your bike’s saddle.


  1. Verify you have all the correct materials to attach your SADDLE MOUNT to your bike’s saddle. You should have: an Apple AirTag, Bike saddle with exposed rails, SADDLE MOUNT, 2 screws (included with Saddle Mount), 1 Allen wrench.
  2. Place your AirTag in the bottom piece of SADDLE MOUNT. This piece should have openings that allow your AirTag to ring clearly. 
  3. Clasp the two pieces of SADDLE MOUNT around your bike saddle’s rails. Place the bottom piece of the SADDLE MOUNT along the rails of your bike’s saddle. SADDLE MOUNT’s two pieces should click together and the LAUT logo will be facing away from the bike’s saddle.
  4. Insert the screws into the screw slots and tighten the screws using the Allen wrench.
  5. Attach your bike saddle to your bike

Get BIKE TAG SADDLE MOUNT for your bike

    Installing Apple AirTag to your bike’s bottle holder with LAUT BIKE TAG BOTTLE MOUNT

    BOTTLE MOUNT is designed to attach directly to your bike’s frame and lie discreetly under your water bottle cage. Follow the instructions to attach your AirTag securely to your bike’s frame.


    1. Verify you have all the correct materials to attach your BOTTLE MOUNT to your bike’s frame. You should have: an Apple AirTag, a bike frame that has screw slots for attaching a bottle cage, BOTTLE MOUNT, 2 screws (included with BOTTLE MOUNT),1 Allen wrench, bottle cage that can attach to your bike with screws
    2. Place your AirTag in one piece of BOTTLE MOUNT and enclose your AirTag with the other piece of BOTTLE MOUNT.
    3. With the LAUT logo facing away from your bike frame, place BOTTLE MOUNT along your bike’s frame so that it aligns with the screw slots that attach your bottle cage to your bike.
    4. Place your bottle cage on top of the BOTTLE MOUNT so that all the screw slots align. Insert the screws into the screw slots and tighten the screws using the Allen wrench. 
    5. Place your water bottle in the bottle cage.

    Get BIKE TAG BOTTLE MOUNT for your bike

    With any of LAUT’s BIKE TAG series you can ride in comfort knowing that your AirTag is securely and stealthily attached to your bike. What other types of AirTag holders should we make for our BIKE TAG series?

    If you have any questions about the SADDLE MOUNT or the BOTTLE MOUNT BIKE TAG AirTag holders, feel free to reach out via email and we can help answer your questions!
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