September 14, 2021 3 min read

Apple Event Sept. 2021

There were a number of exciting announcements on September 14, 2021 as Apple held one of their highly anticipated Apple Events, California Streaming. From announcements of new Apple product releases to phenomenal tech upgrades, this event did not disappoint for tech lovers!   In this blog post, we will go over the new tech releases from Apple, as well as some of the new features that you will see in the updated  iPhone.

iPhone 13 

One of the biggest announcements was the release of the iPhone 13 Series. Some of the notable upgrades include: upgraded cameras including the introduction of cinematic mode which allows the user to change the focus of the video even after it’s been taken, faster CPU, GPU and Neural learning enabling the best experience for artists and gamers alike, and 2.5 more hours of battery life. The iPhone 13 will come in 13 Mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. One of the more fun updates are some fun new colors!
With the release of a new iPhone, also comes the release of new cases! Some of our most popular cases are being updated for the new iPhone 13. We also have some brand new case designs being added to the line up! Not to mention, some of our favorites now offer MagSafe compatibility! Make sure to check out our new iPhone 13 case line up! 
iPhone 13 cases lined up with text in the middle saying discover the stylish new cases for iPhone 13

Apple Watch Series 7

Another exciting announcement was that of the Apple Watch Series 7, which includes all of the great features of its predecessors along with some major changes. Aesthetically the Apple Watch Series 7 will have a similar size to its predecessor, but will have a larger screen with only a 1.7 millimeter border making the new design 40% thinner than before! They have also improved the user interface allowing 50% more text on screen and adding larger button sizes making the watch easier to use than ever before!

The Apple Watch Series 7 will come in 5 colours, and will be backwards compatible with other Apple Watch Straps. So check out our collection of Apple Watch Straps to find the perfect design for your new Apple Watch!

Watch Strap Collection: Explore new looks and styles with our watch strap collection, with a button saying view more. Three apple watches are present on the side with one being made of fabric, one silicon, and one leather

New iPads

Apple released two new iPads with some fun new features. The first is the most popular iPad, now with powerful A13 bionic, 20% faster CPU, and a GPU and Neural engine. One crowd favorite is sure to be the all new upgraded cameras with a 12 megapixel ultra wide front camera that now has CenterStage, making video calls and recording easier than ever. 


Also released was a brand new iPad Mini! With all new enclosure design, narrower borders and rounded corners, this new iPad Mini doesn’t play around! It also boasts a 40% jump in CPU performance, and has a 80% jump in GPU, making it a must have for artists and gamers alike. It all has an all new USB-C port making it easier to connect your iPad Mini to your essentials such as cameras, or portable medical devices. 

 iPad case collection. Check out our products to fit your new iPad! with a button below that says view more. There are three iPads to the side that have different cases on them. One with a hard case and a kick stand, one with a soft case and one with a leather case.


If you were able to watch the Apple Event we would love to hear what your favorite announcements were. Feel free to email us using one of the email addresses listed below and tell us about your experience watching the Apple Event! 


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