Charity Spotlight - Sumatran Orangutan Society

Charity Spotlight - Sumatran Orangutan Society

Over the last 25 years, almost half of Sumatra's forests have been lost or degraded, including vast tracts of the Gunung Leuser National Park. These forests are vital for the survival of orangutans and other critically endangered species such as Sumatran tigers, elephants and rhinos, and around four million people depend on the Leuser Ecosystem for crucial ecological services.


Sumatran Orangutan Society is dedicated to turning this situation around by raising awareness about the importance of protecting orangutans and their rainforest home. Supporting grassroots projects which empower local people to become guardians of the rainforests and restoring damaged orangutan habitat through tree planting programmes.

Replanting damaged forests restores lost habitat, and engages local people in protecting the park in the future. They set up organic tree nurseries and forestry centres near degraded forest areas, and provide reforestation training for communities. This project focuses on rehabilitating degraded land within the Gunung Leuser National Park, planting hundreds of thousands of tree seedlings.

They’ve raised 63% out of 150,000 in total with 1573 donations. LAUT would love to take this opportunity to help Sumatran Orangutan Society get enough fund to replant rainforest in Sumatra and restore habitat for Sumatran orangutans. 

If like us, you would like to support Sumatran Orangutan Society, you can find more information on how to donate here: