Charity Spotlight - Japan International Volunteer Center

Charity Spotlight - Japan International Volunteer Center

The Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC) is an international NGO established in Japan in 1980. They aim to build peaceful and self-sustainable societies with focuses on rural development, forest reservation, post-conflict reconstruction, peace building, medical care, disaster relief, and advocacy. Their current activities span 11 countries and areas, including Cambodia, Laos, South Africa, Thailand, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan, Korea (DPRK), and Japan.

To create a community-based and sustainable society, JVC works with local communities by providing them with support to promote the conservation and management of their local natural resources. By doing so, they will return the local economy back to the hands of the people – allowing for more stable lives in community-based societies.

JVC provides victims of disaster-struck areas with immediate relief and helps reconstruct fundamental elements of their livelihoods. Moreover, they investigate the root causes and structural problems that make some people more vulnerable to becoming victims of disasters. These include environmental destruction and inequality. 


JVC aims to create spaces where people seeking to create change in their respective areas around the world can gather and foster intellectual and mutual learning. The gathering of many agents of change and the accumulation of practice will become an integral element of strengthening a push for a bigger movement for change. The international exchange of ideas also helps the society of Japan and the world understand the current situation and challenges of the people living in respective areas. Moreover, utilizing its network, JVC makes proposals on development, peace, and international cooperation.


At LAUT, we share the same belief as JVC.  It is necessary and essential to build a society where all people can coexist and live in harmony with each other. By supporting Japan International Volunteer Center, we heartily hope that more love can be shared, less sorrow and pain will remain. 


If like us, you would like to support Japan International Volunteer Center, you can find more information on how to donate here: