Charity Spotlight - Korea Disaster Relief Association

Charity Spotlight - Korea Disaster Relief Association

Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association is a civil association established in 1961 by broadcasting companies, newspaper companies, and social organizations to help people who are suffering from unexpected disasters. They’ve helped with funding for typhoon Sarah in 1959. With the amendment of the Disaster Relief Act in 2001, Korea Disaster Relief Association became the nation’s only government-designated relief organization that can raise/distribute donations in case of domestic natural disasters.

So far, they have raised KRW 1.4 trillion, collected 30 million relief items, and been awarded 4 Presidential Commendation Awards.

Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association has made a monumental footprint for humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts in Korea over the last half-century. The association takes prompt and professional relief responses in disasters by establishing cooperative networks with central government agencies, local governments, major corporations, and media outlets. In addition, the organization also provides specialized training to the community disaster prevention teams, volunteers such as college students, and relief officers. They train them to serve as disaster relief experts at disaster sites. They are passionate about spreading knowledge, such as disaster and relief systems, disaster relief, and psychological support to help create a safer society.

Due to the outbreak of the Novel coronavirus, Korea has around 4800 cases, some Korean celebrities have supported Hope Bridge to fight against the virus.

We trust 
Hope Bridge and believe they can help Korean people to go through this difficult time with their concerted effort from their team and anyone who loves and cares about Korea.

If like us, you would like to support Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association, you can find more information on how to donate here: