Charity Spotlight - Brain Canada

Charity Spotlight - Brain Canada

The brain is the most critical organ in the body but the least understood.
A greater understanding of how the brain works will contribute to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of disorders of the brain, thereby improving the health outcomes of Canadians.

Brain Canada, a national charitable organization that enables and supports excellent, innovative, paradigm-changing brain research in Canada, has been advancing Canadian brain research 20 years, during which period, $250M has been invested, 300 grants has been awarded, and 1000+ researchers has been funded. 

By the end of March of 2018, Brain Canada, through the Canada Brain Research Fund had allocated $209 million in new funding to support 228 projects across Canada involving more than 900 researchers at 115 institutions.

LAUT recognizes the contribution of brand research, and we are glad that Brain Canada has been pioneering on this research and taking the lead.
We’d like to support Brain Canada to express our gratitude for their continuous and profound research towards humankind’s development.

Our team here at LAUT was touched and inspired by the incredible work Brain Canada is doing, and believe their hard work deserves to be shared far and wide. 
If like us, you would like to support Brain Canada, you can find more information on how to donate here: