Charity Spotlight - Aitbubu & Her Agriculture Business

Charity Spotlight - Aitbubu & Her Agriculture Business

Aitbubu is a lady who tried to make a difference in the society with her belief. She has a higher education and has been working in agriculture for more than 24 years. Thanks to her hard work and knowledge about her business, she currently has well developed farm, including 2.88 hectares of irrigated land where she grows beans, and two dairy cows. She has a contract to provide organic milk to a local factory for further processing into dairy products. This allows her to constantly invest in her agricultural business. To buy young dairy cows to increase her yield of organic milk, Aitbubu borrowed some funds from her local bank -  Bai Tushum Bank. 

After reading Aitbubu’s story, our team at LAUT were touched by her delicate and diligent attitude towards her work. That’s what we LAUT share in common.

By supporting Aitbubu, LAUT hopes that Aitbubu can achieve her goals to have better home renovations and further developing her business.

If like us, you would like to support Aitbubu, you can find more information on how to donate here: