FLEXI PROP Card Holder Compatible with MagSafe

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Introducing FLEXI PROP, the perfect MagSafe Card Holder designed to simplify your on-the-go lifestyle.

This slim card holder securely holds up to 2 cards, making it an ideal accessory for keeping your essential cards at hand without the need for a bulky wallet. The sturdy flip-out metal stand offers hands-free viewing in both horizontal and vertical orientations, providing convenience for watching videos, making video calls, or browsing content effortlessly. Its ultra-slim design seamlessly integrates with your iPhone, while the range of colors available allows for a perfect match with your device. The MagSafe compatibility ensures a quick and secure attachment to your iPhone, while the extra-strong magnets ensure a reliable hold. Enjoy easy access to your cards and hands-free functionality with FLEXI PROP - the ultimate accessory for streamlined convenience.


2 Card Storage

FLEXI PROP provides a secure slot to store up to two cards, offering convenience and easy access to your essential cards.

Soft to the Touch

Crafted with soft-touch silicone material, FLEXI PROP offers a comfortable and luxurious feel while still providing durability to keep your cards safe.

Quick Flip-out Multi-Angle Stand

The quick flip-out stand has a robust metal hinge and it enables hands-free viewing in both horizontal and vertical orientations, perfect for various activities on your iPhone.

Extra Strong Magnets

Equipped with extra-strong magnets, FLEXI PROP ensures a secure and reliable attachment to your MagSafe-compatible iPhone, keeping your cards and device safe and together no matter where you go.

Ultra Slim

With its ultra-slim design, FLEXI PROP seamlessly integrates with your iPhone, maintaining a sleek and elegant profile.

iPhone Color Matching

Available in a range of colors, FLEXI PROP can be easily matched with your iPhone, adding a touch of style and personalization to your device.

MagSafe Compatible

FLEXI PROP is MagSafe compatible, providing quick and effortless attachment to your iPhone, ensuring a stable and secure hold.

Easy Access

Enjoy easy access to your cards whenever you need them, without the hassle of searching through your bag or wallet, thanks to FLEXI PROP's accessible and functional design.


Material and Composition
  • Silicone: 70%
  • Zinc alloy: 15%
  • Magnet: 10%
  • PET: 5%


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