Charity Spotlight - Stiftung stern |

Charity Spotlight - Stiftung stern |

Since 1973, Stern has been committed to helping people in need with a wide variety of relief activities. It started with the fight against famine in Ethiopia. 

A multi-year project for children suffering from cancer followed and in 1990 Stern collected millions for freezing Russia in transition. Whether it was about misery in Bosnia or about the flood of the century on the Elbe in 2002 - the star readers donated millions to help. After having been asked to make direct donations to the various relief organizations - from UNICEF, to Welthungerhilfe, to CARE and Doctors Without Borders - they decided in December 2003 to further optimize the aid and found their own independent association: Stiftung stern.

The association collects donations for concrete relief measures and can independently provide fast, operative help for people in need. He assumes his own social and societal responsibility, the partnership with various aid organizations will continue. Stiftung stern eV retains control over the proper use of funds provided by the association.

LAUT was touched and inspired by Stiftung stern’s full scope of great work  - raising awareness of public health to promotion of youth and elderly care - they have been involved with. We heartfeltly believe their hard work deserves to be recognized by every one of us and try to make our small efforts to increase the public’s attention on health, youth and elderly care, and mortal danger etc.

By supporting Stiftung stern, LAUT believes we can contribute to the development of society and humanity. 

If like us, you would like to support Stiftung stern, you can find more information on how to donate here: