Charity Spotlight - Love Without Borders-For Refugees

Charity Spotlight - Love Without Borders-For Refugees

Kayra has worked for refugees in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece and Serbia for more than 2 years. Now she has focused her time to work in northern Greece, where there's over 60,000 displaced refugees, especially one particular camp, Nea Kavala, as well as a housing community where families have been taken out of the camps. It’s a place where it is already experiencing very cold temperatures in the evenings and has an urgent need for winter clothes in all the camps and housing communities.

She teaches English, German and offers art sessions. In addition, she is teaching people how to design jewelry and sell it to sustain basic food and clothing costs. She sells the beautiful children's drawings and gives them 100% of the proceeds so their mothers/family have money for food. All supplies she buys herself or from donated art supplies through NeedsList.

She also asked her friends for help channel clothing, art supplies and other donations mainly to Greece. She is on the front lines two to three weeks a month.


Kayra believes that people can move mountains when acting in unison during this most difficult time and bring some joy and love to these people that have been displaced.

By supporting Love Without Borders-For Refugees, we hope those refugees can have warm food to eat and a safe shelter to rest. 

If you would like to support Love Without Borders-For Refugees, you can find more information here: