LINKS Watch Strap - Adjustment Guide

Preparation :
  • Prepare a flat clean surface & make sure you have enough light
  • Prepare a small plate to prevent any pins or tools from falling off
  • Try on your watch and count how many excess links you need to remove

Step 1:

Bring the push-pin tools` point-tip into the pin hole and push against the tool lightly. You can feel a step/click when done properly.

Step 2:

Keep the tool inserted & push the links unit out

Step 3:

Repeat step 1-2 on another pinhole, then remove the section successfully

Step 4:

Insert the pin and hold the unit position, then use the push-pin tool point to push in the head of the pin. Press lightly & push the unit to bond the links together.

Step 5:

Lightly twist to test the strap & make sure it embedded firmly