Sustainability | Building a Brighter Future

At LAUT, we believe that sustainability is an important journey that takes long term commitment and passion to truly make a difference. This is a journey that is only made possible if we all work together to question thethings that we do and how we can change to improve our contribution to a sustainable world. Even the smallest steps can make a big difference if we do them together

LAUT - Sustainability | Building a Brighter Futures

Our first step in this journey begins with Environmentally Friendly Packaging. Starting with iPhone 12, we are very proud to be producing a truly eco friendly packaging solution. These packages will be made using materials certified sources, can be easily be recycled, are smaller and lighter and are overall a more measured and appropriate solution to retail packaging. What's more, we are very proud that we've been able to do this without compromising protection of our products during shipping.

LAUT - Sustainability | Building a Brighter Futures

So what makes this so special?

No Virgin plastic

We cut out virgin plastic entirely, leaving only a small hanger made from recycled plastic, that can be easily recycled again and again

Certified 'Green'

All the materials used are from certified sourced. Such as FSC paper, made from 100% recycled paper.

6% smaller, 20% lighter

'Use Less' is the goal for anyone looking to create a more eco friendly product. By cutting out all the 'fluff', our new packaging is smaller and lighter meaning less materials and a smaller carbon footprint.

100% Recyclable

Our smart modular design means that each pack can be easily dismantled and separated into individual parts ready for recycling. Furthermore we don't contaminate materials with any lamination or processes that makes the raw materials non-recyclable.

Our Promise

Sustainability is a long journey, but with products that are built to last and a packaging that has an incredibly low impact on the environment, we are proud to be taking our first steps and leading the way to sustainability.

The LAUT team