For peace of mind we offer a manufacturer's warranty on all our products. All products sold when the product is purchased on LAUT’s official site or through any authorized reseller in new condition with proof of purchase.
All products are fully guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship.

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
We offer a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty on products for electronic devices unless otherwise stated.

2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
We offer a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty on the majority of LAUT products unless otherwise stated.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
The warranty is non-transferable and covers only the person who bought the item. Only the original purchaser can make a claim. An original or copy of a proof of purchase from the authorized reseller is required for warranty service. This warranty does not cover products purchased from unauthorized resellers.
If a product defect arises, the defective item may need to be returned for repair, replaced, or recondition the product with a functionally equivalent new product. If the product is out of stock we will replace with a new item to the same value.

Limitations and Exclusions on Warranty

  • We do not cover product damage that may have resulted from accidental drops, installation failures, normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse or modification of the product.
  • We do not cover damage to your devices as a result of the use of any LAUT product.
  • We will not be liable for any indirect or incidental damages arising from the use of product.
  • There are no extensions to the length of warranty or replacement.
  • If there is any problem with a warranty replacement, you will have to return the replacement to LAUT to receive an additional replacement.
  • *Proof of Purchase is required as evidence the product was purchased from an authorized reseller within the warranty period for warranty service. If the products is gifted and not purchased on LAUT official website, we still require the original proof of purchase. (Credit card statements do not qualify.)
  • We cannot offer refunds for products purchased from external retailers. This needs to be handled directly with the retailer. Please refer to your proof of purchase for more information on individual retailers return policy.

* Most retailers can reprint the receipt - please check with them for a copy. Most device operators bind your purchase history to your account - contact them and they should be able to provide you with a copy of the purchase receipt.

How to Submit a Warranty Claim
To process your warranty claim we need some information from you regarding your product. Please follow the link below to our Warranty Claim Form, and provide as much information possible to support your claim.

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive an email from our team confirming receipt of your Warranty Claim request with Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA Number).

Your original products may need to be returned for inspection. If the product is deemed to be covered under the warranty based on judgment at our discretion, we will repair, replace, or recondition the product, where appropriate. You are responsible for the shipping or transportation charges from you to LAUT. We will pay the shipping costs to send you any replacement unit. LAUT will reimburse shipping charges for any replacement parts or products under the warranty terms that are confirmed defective, following inspection.

LAUT is not responsible for return shipping charges for any products not covered by warranty; or any rejected warranty claim requests.
If the purchase was made through Amazon, please contact Amazon directly for their own policies & return services.

Unauthorised Sellers In Amazon
Many resellers who sell through Amazon are not authorised retailers or resellers of LAUT Products. When purchasing LAUT Products it is important to note where the product is being “shipped from” and “sold by” which is stated in the header of each product. Warranties are only available for LAUT Products sold by authorised sellers. Please contact us directly before you make your purchase if you are uncertain whether you are purchasing from an authorised reseller or not. LAUT authorised resellers on Amazon: US; ‘LAUT USA LLC’, Europe; ‘PICOM’.