August 05, 2020 2 min read

Treatment of childhood cancer has many side effects and long term sequelae that affect a child's quality of life. Besides physical effects like hearing loss, visual impairment, heart failure, amputation, chronic fatigue, a child may also experience reduced self-esteem, problems with friendships & relationships or education & job finding.

Dutch Childhood Cancer Parent Organisation (VOKK) provides children with an environment that normalizes relationships and experiences, helping them in the healing process and enhancing their quality of life. They give them the opportunity to share experiences & feelings, see new challenges & push their limits & cope with their circumstances in a positive way. They grow, support and challenge each other. They also offer camps to them to escape their cancer and its effects on their daily lives for outdoor fun and adventure in a safe, caring environment.


After the camp, the children feel they are not alone. They feel stronger and happier, are better able to cope with their illness and its effects on their lives. This results in a positive impact on their wellbeing and mental health. They feel stronger and are fitter to cope with problems which will come on their path. Not only will the child benefit from the camp, physically and mentally,  but also the entire family will get strength from this experience. 



By supporting Dutch Childhood Cancer Parent Organisation (VOKK), we hope children with cancer can heal faster and they can embrace and enjoy the world as the rest of the children in the world.

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